Gel Mani: Marbled Mix

Meet Amelia, one of my prettiest juniors! She’s a freelance model and has been in the pages of Seventeen magazines and a few blogshops! Invited her over to my place for a gelish manicure and she sweetly did up a review on her blog on the very same day! ;)


She wanted to incorporate florals and studs so here’s what I came up with! There’s 2 different designs in total:

1. Marbling + round gold studs

2. Half-moons + marbling + floral stickers

The marbling effect can’t be seen very well here, but I used AngelPro 3 and AngelPro 39 for the bases and AngelPro 47for the marbling! I also adapted the way how the Japanese arrange their studs… I love how cute this looks!



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