Gel Mani: Festive Mix

Sorry guys, I’m lagging behind posts again D: Happy March everybody! Its scary how time passes so fast in 2014!!

Anyway, Angelia showed me a pic that she gotten from @thenailartelier and here’s my take! We did a few minor tweaks here and there to match Angelia’s preference :D

I love how the entire set is made of only a few colours so that it is not too confusing on the eyes! My personal favourite is the little nekos/fortune kitties on her thumbs! Matchy matchy black and white with a pop of red!

 photo IMG_3888copy.jpg

 photo IMG_3886copy.jpg

 photo IMG_3888copy-1.jpg

 photo IMG_3885copy.jpg

 photo IMG_3884copy.jpg

Gel Mani: Crazy Aztec

I apologise again for the lack of updates! Been sick for almost a week now :(:(

Anyway, Qiao Ting did a very colourful and funky nail art for CNY! :D she showed me this pic of a Japanese nail art and wanted to do the same, so here’s my take! I think I drew quite a number of triangular shapes that day and we used so many colours!

 photo IMG_3498copy.jpg

 photo IMG_3500copy.jpg

 photo IMG_3501.jpg

Gel Mani: England Extravaganza

One of my top favourite sets! Suzzie picked this London-ish design from @Cynfulnails and we did a minor twerk in the design! Because it’s the CNY, all the colours are full on bling! I just love it!

 photo IMG_3942copy.jpg

This set took a little over 2 hours but it was so worth it! I especially love how each nail complements each other <3

 photo IMG_3945copy.jpg

 photo IMG_3943copy.jpg

 photo IMG_3946copy.jpg